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Kythibong Records ° Interview with Aymeric

Written by on 18 octobre 2018


Before the ‘Beau Label – Kythibong Records’ evening that is happening this Saturday at the Stereolux, Hanna, the current presenter for the Euradio Show, had the opportunity to speak to Aymeric, one of the founders of this record label. Aymeric talked about the style of music that comes from this label, how it was created and the process that they go through when choosing artists. He went on to say how Kythibong is like a big family as the label likes to choose artists that they are already friends with, which he does not believe is restrictive especially as the label has signed a couple of international artists! To finish, he suggested that the label has more albums coming soon from some artists already signed under the label.

Aymeric also talked to us about ‘the gig that changed his life’ which you can listen to here:

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Avant le concert ‘Beau Label – Kythibong Records’ qui aura lieu au Stéréolux ce week-end, Hanna, l’animatrice actuelle de ‘The Euradio Show’ a eu l’opportunité d’interviewer Aymeric, l’un des fondateurs du label. Aymeric a expliqué comment Kythibong Records est né, le style du musique qui vient de ce label et le processus pour choisir des artistes. Il a continué à dire que ce label est  une grande famille parce que les trois fondateurs n’aiment que choisir des artists qu’ils connaissent, ce qui n’est pas restrictif vu qu’ils ont signé quelques artistes internationaux ! Finalement, Aymeric a suggéré qu’il y a des albums à venir avec certains artistes du label.

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