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Déconfinement en Russie : est-ce justifié ?

Written by on 15 mai 2020

Bien que la Russie ait récemment atteint 250 000 cas de coronavirus enregistrés, Vladimir Poutine a commencé à assouplir le confinement. La Russie souffre actuellement d’une augmentation d’environ 11 000 cas par jour, alors comment cela peut-il être justifié? Judy Twigg, professeur de science politique à Virginia Commonwealth University, offre quelques explications.

“The economic costs of these restrictions have been enormous. Putin is clearly paying a political price for that – we have just had opinion polls that show his approval ratings at the lowest they have ever been. The data coming out of Moscow, and the increase in new cases, is partially due to new infection but is also due to better testing. It is due to the number and quality of the tests being performed catching up with the number of actual infections that are on the ground.”

Mais est-ce trop tôt pour la Russie ? 

“Unambiguously yes. Pretty clearly, public health guidelines say that you have to be unambiguously on the other side of the curve – coming down in your infection incidence rate – under a regime of good, comprehensive, reliable testing with good contact tracing to go along with that testing. We just don’t see those prerequisites having been met in Russia.”

La Russie fait partie des pays en Europe, avec la France et le Royaume-Uni, a avoir assoupli cette semaine ses mesures de confinement malgré un nombre d’infections élevé.

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