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In a true celebration of European diversity in music, the festival Europavox brings with it a collection of artists from all corners of Europe. Returning for its 13th edition, Europavox is due to start up in just two weeks’ time, starting from Friday 27th running through to Sunday 29th June 2019. To celebrate its return, […]

The Euradio Show’s final guest of its coverage of European Lab Camp brought with him onto the air an interview and live session rather unlike any other. Founder of Dutch performance collective De Kiesmannen, Dylan Ahern, caught up with Jon Berry late in the afternoon to affront questions about Europe and roll out a piece […]

Performing an entirely improvised concert at Europe Lab Camp this year, Serbian collective Tapan have achieved some considerable success in their native Belgrade as well as abroad over the past few years. Ahead of his appearance onstage with Tapan, Goran Simonoski caught up with The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry to discuss the band’s recent ventures, […]

One of the bigger questions to be affronted at European Lab Camp this year is that of the environment. Prior to taking part in one of the many crucial tables rondes, Annie Randall, an integral part of the high-profile environmental activism collective Extinction Rebellion, spoke with The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry about what issues need […]

The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry speaks to another mastermind of the ‘Are We Europe’ initiative, Mick ter Rehoorst, to reopen the question of Europe and explore more about the work ‘Are We Europe’ are doing to inject some interest into the field.

The electronic music scene in Eastern Europe has experienced a great injection of profile in recent years. Appearing on a panel at European Lab Camp to discuss what can be done to better support electronic music across the continent, Paula Poštolková, who has dedicated many years to the promotion of the genre in her native […]

Austrian polemicist Paul Poet has affronted numerous social questions in recent years through his cinematographic works. This year, he appears at European Lab Camp to lend his opinions on the story-telling media that best tackle current issues. Jon Berry spoke with Paul Poet to discover more.

25-year-old Kyrill Hartog is the dominant force behind the ‘Are We Europe’ collective, a body of young people who are seeking to render the questions about Europe more accessible to younger audiences by stripping away the boredom so freely imposed thereupon. Their principal outlet is their eponymous monthly publication, but their appearance at European Lab […]

For the release of his newest album, Descent, Greek musician George Papadopolous has changed more than his stage name. ‘Hior Chronik’ has become ‘Hior’, and George launches himself into a new sound. A wealth of work in ambient music behind him, Hior’s latest work takes on a much stronger electronic feel, and he brings this […]

Months ahead of 2019’s Scopitone festival, set to roll out in September, Jon Berry sets the proverbial ball of press coverage in motion by telephoning one Jean-Michel Dupas, the festival’s programmateur de musique, to reel in some cursory thoughts on what can be expected from the 18th edition of Scopitone.