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Author: Oliver Little

Some experts believe that the Covid-19 crisis has had such a devastating effect in Europe because of a lack of preparation – essentially when Covid-19 arrived, Europe was not ready and did not act quickly enough. In Singapore however, as soon as news of the crisis in Wuhan came out, they prepared straight away. Victor, […]

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, c’est Ollie, icône de forme physique chez Euradio, j’espère que je ne vous ai pas trop manqué et que vous êtes encore prêts a dépasser vos limites. Je suis sûr que vous êtes en meilleur forme qu’il y a une semaine, et si non, pourquoi, c’est le gâteau ! […]

“De meilleurs jours reviendront“. C’était le message de la reine Elisabeth II, hier. Elle s’est adressée directement aux Britanniques depuis le château de Windsor, où elle s’est retirée avec son époux Philippe pendant la pandémie. C’était sa quatrième allocution télévisée en période de crise, depuis le début de son règne, et la première depuis 2002, […]

<< I find it very intriguing that the same rules apply here as they did in Ebola – don’t touch your face, wash your hands, keep a social distance etc. Having had Ebola experience has really helped in helping people here, to share with them an understanding on how to keep safe. So in Ebola, […]

<< It was always a balance between doing things quickly and also not affecting the general population too severely economically. We depend on the US a lot for a lot imports to Trinidad and that is concerning. The borders are completely shut, even to Trinidad and Tobago nationals – even if you are from Trinidad, […]

<< I think it was the right decision, I think once the Olympics had decided to cancel, and that was an event that was going to take place after Wimbledon, and once the decision was taken that there were huge question marks over construction site workers – normally they wouldn’t have to have started the […]

It’s world autism awareness day, in what represents an incredibly trying time for children and adults who suffer from autism all over the world. I’m speaking to Tom Purser, who is the Head of Campaigns for the National Autistic Society in the United Kingdom. So Tom tell me, why does quarantine constitute such a difficult […]

<< We have effectively shut our borders now so that was our greatest rate of transmission. People are definitely of the opinion that he (Scott Morrison) should have shut the borders earlier. We apparently have the highest rate of testing worldwide, so if you look at the death rate – 1%, 2% – it’s really […]

<< I’m meant to do 100% of my degree in three weeks. We’ve been in limbo for the past three or four weeks kind of knowing that conventional exams are not going to happen and they’ve kept on saying that they will update us without a proper timescale. The probable outcome is that they will […]

<< Des changements au Royaume Uni pendant le weekend, avec la mise en place d’un programme pour dresser des chiens à détecter le coronavirus et ainsi repérer les personnes contaminées. Un programme intensif a déjà démarré, et les chercheurs de l’association Medical detection dogs, la London school of hygiene et l’université de Durham envisagent qu’il […]