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Within our celebration of indie-label Fire Records as our European Label of the Summer, Liv Cowle spoke with songwriter and musician, Jane Weaver. Jane, now based just outside Manchester, England, went solo in the late 90s, and has since released several records that beautifully demonstrate her variety, progression and vision. In the interview above, Jane […]

Tommy Perman is an artist, designer and musician, and combines each of these three mediums in most of his creative works. Currently based in Dundee, Scotland, he recently released a single with Modern Studies — ‘Faraway Hills’ — which just so happens to be represented by our European Label of the Summer, Fire Records. In […]

After hiding themselves away in a studio built in an old barn in Greenwich, Younghusband have reemerged with their third album Swimmers. The 10 track record is awash with glowing guitar melodies, breezy pop moments and restrained yet potent songcraft. In celebration of our chosen European Album of the Week, Katherine Wood caught up with Euan […]

Lollapalooza Paris 2019 Perhaps one of the most exciting and diverse music festivals in Paris this summer, Lollapalooza Paris returned this weekend (21st-22nd July 2019) for its third magical edition. Welcoming dozens of music acts covering rock, pop, R&B, rap, house and everything in between, Hippodrome Longchamp was a place of pure joy as thousands […]

L’album européen de la semaine, c’est «SWIMMERS»» de YOUNGHUSBAND (ANGLETERRE). Gagnez cet album en écrivant à musique(at) ABOUT THE ALBUM : Retreating to an old barn in Greenwich owned by an 84 year old artist and his clairvoyant wife might sound like the tale of an artist who’s had enough and decided to live life […]

Entre 15 chansons parfaitement choisies, Vidal Benjamin présente une collection de souvenirs des années 80s. Dédié à la naissance de synthpop française, l’album saisissent l’esprit de jeunesse parmi ces trésors oubliés. Pour fêter le disque comme notre Album Européen de la Semaine, Liv Cowle a parlé avec Vidal pour en savoir plus. Dans l’interview en […]

Back next month for their 29th summer edition, La Route du Rock prepares once more to host one of France’s most exciting independent festivals for rock and alternative music. As well as their indoor winter edition held in February, La Route du Rock is particularly celebrated for its stunning seaside location at Saint-Malo, Bretagne, which […]

L’album européen de la semaine, c’est «POP SYMPATHIE»» de VIDAL BENJAMIN (FRANCE). Gagnez cet album en écrivant à musique(at) ABOUT THE ALBUM : Les historiens qui travaillent avec ardeur sur la question de « la jeunesse française durant les années 80 » tiennent désormais un trésor entre leurs mains. Véritable archéologue d’une décennie dédiée à la culture […]

Despite only being around since 2016, Mad Cool Festival in Madrid has quickly become one of the biggest events of the European festival scene. Known for its eclectic lineup of rock, pop, alternative and electro music, Mad Cool 2019 welcomes big names like The Cure, Bon Iver and The 1975, as well as The National, […]

« The Move » est un programme innovant d’enseignement qui utilise le mime pour enseigner aux étudiants en médecine la sémiologie neurologique, c’est-à-dire les différentes manifestations des maladies neurologiques. Ce programme a été développé au sein de la faculté de médecine de Sorbonne Université, dans les murs de l’hôpital de la Salpêtrière, berceau de la […]