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The third edition of the Côte à Côte evening in Nantes has brought us yet another lineup of Francophone artists from Montreal to La Rochelle. Katherine caught up with multilingual, Montreal band Clay and Friends to chat about the inspiration behind their EP ‘La Musica Popular de Verdun’ and how they’ve created a sound for […]

The third edition of the Côte à Côte evening in Nantes has brought us yet another lineup of Francophone artists from Montreal to La Rochelle. In the run up to the evening, Katherine had a chance to sit down with Quebec-based singer-songwriter Lou-Adriane Cassidy. Listen below to hear Lou talking about how she released her […]

Bella Jewell a parlé avec Eric Thomas et Bruno Fritel, deux membres de l’équipe d’organisation pour la quatrième édition de la semaine du film palestinien en Loire-Atlantique. Ils ont discuté de l’importance de mettre en lumière la culture palestinienne, qui reste assez inconnue en France. Pendant le festival, qui débutera le 22 janvier, on peut […]

Pour sa cinquième année, le Printemps de Bourges est venu en repérage jeudi 16 janvier dans les Pays de Loire pour sélectionner parmi 6 nouveaux talents, un ou plusieurs futurs chanceux qui se produiront au festival courant avril. À cette occasion, Euradio et plusieurs radios de la FRAP (SUN, Prun’, Radio G!, Radio Campus Angers, […]

Nouveau venu dans le paysage des festivals de showcases français, la première édition du BISE Festival se déroulera les 21 et 22 janvier 2020 à Nantes. En parallèle des Biennales Internationales du Spectacle (évènement rassemblant les acteurs du spectacle vivant et de l’industrie musicale), le BISE Festival s’adresse aussi bien aux professionnels de la musique qu’au public, et se positionne comme […]

For five days straight we enjoyed the chill sounds of Coma, given their album ‘Voyage Voyage’ (2019) was our album of the week last week. After admiring the work of the Cologne-based indie pop duo, Bella Jewell was lucky enough to chat to Georg Conrad – one half of Coma – about how their European […]

Despite being in the middle of a busy tour, Helmut of La Maison Tellier kindly gave up his time to speak to Bella Jewell about the group’s latest album. La Maison Tellier released their sixth album, Primitifs Modernes (2019) in March last year, with the aim of shaking things up a bit. Unlike their other […]

Ed Lilly’s first feature length film VS. (2018) tells the story of a young man who has spent his life in care in Southend, England who discovers an alternative scene of rap battles and uses it as a way to channel his anger and emotions. We had the chance to speak to Ed Lilly, the […]

Following his talk at the University of Nantes, we had the chance to sit down with Felipe Bustos Sierra to talk about his documentary Nae Pasaran (2018). The film tells the story of a group of Rolls Royce workers in East Kilbride, Scotland who stage a strike to protest against the dictatorship in Chile in […]

Last day at Transmusicales… It is with heavy hearts that we arrived at our final day of Transmusicales 2019. Although the entire team was becoming rather tired by this point, we were excited for a busy day of interviews with artists and journalists. We also couldn’t wait to make the most of the last evening […]