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THE LABEL Interviw with Gunther Buskies from Tapete Records :   Tapete Records is an indie label based in Hamburg, Germany. We’ve been releasing music since 2002 and have a pretty neat roster of bands and artists including many local stuff as well as bands/artists from the U.S., the UK, Scandinavia, Austria and some more. […]

THE LABEL Heist or Hit is an independent record label and music publishing company. Located in Manchester and London, UK. Tied to the tracks since 2008 Interview with Mick Sholefield from Heist Or Hit : THE ARTISTS / RECORDS HER’S Her’s are a Liverpool based pop duo consisting of Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading. […]

THE LABEL Interview with Stephane Gregoire from Ici D’Ailleurs : Ici, d’ailleurs… est un label indépendant fondé par Stéphane Grégoire à Nancy, sur les cendres du label associatif Sine Terra Firma. Sine Terra Firma sort les deux premiers albums de Yann Tiersen, La valse des monstres (1995) et Rue des Cascades (1996) et rencontre un […]

THE LABEL Interview with Jamie Hodgson from Marathon Artists : Marathon Artists is home to some of the most exciting new music in the world. We are focussed on discovering, developing and breaking amazing artists on a global scale. Our mission is to create careers whilst never removing art from its culture. Our passion is […]

THE LABEL Interview with Philippe Couderc fondateur du label Vicious Circle : Créé en 1993 par les fondateurs du fanzine Abus Dangereux, le label bordelais Vicious Circle, fort de bientôt 150 références, s’est toujours distingué par des choix éclectiques et parfois surprenants. Artistes français mais également américains, scandinaves, allemands ou canadiens se croisent avec exigence. De […]

THE LABEL Listen to an interview with Ed Horrox, head of Artists and Repertoire at 4AD, here: 4AD is a British independent record label that was started in 1980 by Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent, originally funded by Beggars Banquet. The label gained prominence in the 1980s for releasing albums from alternative rock, post-punk, dark […]