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    Variation by name, variation by nature: in a week-long festival dedicated to music centered around the piano, Nantes welcomes Festival Variations back for its third year. With specialists in classical Bach, contemporary jazz and everything in between, the event has recruited artists from across the globe in a grand celebration of the ivory keys. […]

    Last week in Nantes we were transported once again on a musical journey, this time to the rich and diverse music scene blossoming in the Czech Republic. Stereolux welcomed three Czech artists to play last Thursday (18th April) for Stereotrip Prague, an evening dedicated to promoting recent indie music from a country so rich […]

    This week’s European Album of the Week issues from France, and one would be hard-pressed to find an artist more meticulous in his creative process. Two years ago, he released his debut album Un, a straightforward and simple project which he himself orchestrated in its entirety. Now comes Tempéraments; he enlisted some aid in this […]

    To celebrate the release of his brand new album, « Ten More Songs » (2019), The Euradio Show welcomed Lauter into the studio for the first time. Joined by Vincent Dupas, the pair performed three tracks from the folk album, which was released just last month, ten years after his second record « The Age of Reason » […]

    Following the release of their eponymous debut in 2016, Trumpets of Consciousness have just released their second album, titled « Approximate » (2019). In playing to the broad diversity within the pop genre, its eclectic range of styles is what really makes this record sing — from the jazzy keys in opening track « C’était vraiment très […]

    Still basking in the success of their debut album « Glissade Tranquille » (2018), The Slow Sliders return to Nantes for INOUÏS Printemps de Bourges, representing Le Pays de la Loire alongside urban-pop group 54. Their sound is distinctively dreamy, their songs dripping with melancholic pop — « Glissade Tranquille » (2018) is a perfect example of the glorious alt-pop […]

    She is one of the most decorated opera singers of the last half-century; her career has taken her to opera houses across the globe; her voice has enchanted and inspired millions. But as much off stage as upon it, Barbara Hendricks has exerted an profound influence of good. She has dedicated years to […]

    Ahead of this year’s greatly-anticipated Printemps de Bourges, which runs from 16—21 April, The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry catches up with the festival’s director. Boris Vedel has been at the helm of Printemps de Bourges for several years now; he shares some highlights, reflects on his journey to becoming the director, and details what we can […]

    Four years after her last release, English singer/songwriter Rozi Plain is back with a fourth knock-out album: What a Boost (2019). While still gracing listeners with her distinctively dreamy and stylish sound, this new record sees Rozi putting her own spin on classic folk sounds (opening tracks « Inner Circle » and « Swing Shut ») and playing around […]

    C’est un festival européen plein de musique, mais pas que : dans le cadre du festival Le Printemps de Bourges, « L’Exclamation ! » va accueillir plusieurs invités pour discuter de quatre sujets importants — l’écologie, l’éducation, les migrations et les drogues. Pour nous en dire plus, Laurence Corona, directrice de ces grandes thématiques, a parlé avec Liv […]