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    Following the release of their debut album « Land of the Living » in 2017, The Schizophonics have returned to Europe to play around with some new material. The rock group gave an explosive performance in Nantes last Saturday at their sold-out gig , but afterwards still had enough energy to chat with Liv Cowle […]

    Last week, film festival Univerciné russe showcased the diversity and brilliance of Russian film, spanning six days at the cinema Katorza here in Nantes. Late on Friday night, as fantasy thriller Dead Starlings was due to be screened for the first time in France, Liv Cowle spoke with the director, Natalia Perchina, for the ins and […]

  This month’s European Label of the Month came from the Greek city of Patras. Inner Ear Records, established in 2007, has spent the last twelve years launching the promising and exciting artists from their home country onto the European independent music scene. The Euradio Show’s Jon Berry talks with Press Officer Dimitris Bouras about […]

    Hier soir à Nantes, le cinéma Katorza a accueilli le festival du cinéma russe Univerciné russe pour sa troisième année, et la salle était convenablement bondée. Suite aux remarques introductives des organisateurs, l’éclairage a faibli et le film d’ouverture, comédie dramatique La Carpe dégivrée, a commencé. Un film drôle, charmant et merveilleusement produit, c’est […]

    Chaque année, Nantes accueille une collection de festivals de films dit Univerciné, en proposant les meilleurs films allemands, britanniques, russes et italiens. Cette semaine, Univerciné russe aura lieu au cinéma Katorza et projettera la crème de la crème du cinéma russe. Liv a parlé avec Macha Milliard, la directrice du festival, pour échanger sur […]

    Three years after his solo debut, Un torrent, la boue (2016), Olivier Marguerit returns to the scene under his alias ‘O’ with a second album, À Terre. Bursting with groove, style and catchy melodies, this pop record is anything but ‘classic’. Our presenter Liv phoned up to find out more. For years Olivier has been […]

    It’s rare to come across a band compiled of six talented musicians, and rarer still to find a way to fit them all in our studio. On Saturday 16th February we opened our doors to the public, complete with a live session and interview from local indie-folk group Moustache Museum. With a grand […]

    In the lead up to the 14th winter edition of La Route du Rock, Liv spoke with artistic director Alban Coutoux-Rosso to find out more about how the indie-rock festival came to be. Originally founded in the summer of 1991 on the beaches of Saint-Malo, La Route du Rock has since added a second […]

    The Euradio Show brings you this week’s album of the week from France. Dream-pop line-up Requin Chagrin’s second LP Sémaphore is an abstract exploration of nostalgia. The band’s lead vocalist, Marion Brunetto, speaks to Jon Berry about creating an album which embeds the sentiments of adulthood into the settings of childhood. Looking back to […]

    Liveurope is an initiative supporting concert venues in their aim to help promote emerging European artists, which makes this initiative the first of its kind in Europe. Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the opportunity to speak to Jana Graso, the Communications & Development Coordinator of Liveurope. Jana began explaining […]