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Live Style Europe

Every month, the Live Style Europe radio show brings you to the backstage of the live music sector to better understand how it works, listen to the ones who work and fight for great music, and discuss the main challenges they may face. The show is presented by Live DMA, European network of live music […]

This episode of Live Style Europe focuses on horizontal governance: what is it? how to implement it within your organisation? Isi, board member of Live DMA will answer our questions. After, we will dive into the outcome of the consultations “Make Listening Safe” that took place at the World Health Organisation in which Live DMA […]

This 10th episode of Live Style Europe focuses on sustainable development and ecology within the live music sector. Why are live music professionals all over Europe seizing this subject in their working processes? What ecological actions and practices are implemented at European and national levels in the live music sector? Find out in the December […]

In this Live Style Europe radioshow, we will dive further into the topic of gender equality and diversity in the live music sector. We will first explore the initiatives that are put into place at supra-national levels with an interview with Dagmar Schumacher from UN Women and with Stéphanie Gembarski, from FEDELIMA, who participated in […]

The Live Style Europe radioshow is back for a second season on Euradio! In this episode you will learn more about Live DMA’s activities: our advocacy work, our capacity-building workshops and the Open Club Day! We also had the chance to talk on the phone with Arne Dee, who coordinates the Survey, a data study […]