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Euradionantes – who are we?

Euradio: a European radio school

Based in Nantes since 2007, Euradionantes is the only radio of its kind in Europe: its founding principle is to cover European news in a tangible and accessible way, in bringing it closer to its citizens. We offer a unique version of current affairs with European journalism on a local level.

Euradionantes is also a radio school that welcomes and trains young students from all around Europe, twice a year. Led by professionals, students are welcomed for periods of 5 months alongside other young Europeans and make up the news team of the radio.

New internship opportunities for 2018-2019 !

Cultural English speaking Radio Shows
(2 interns / team)
European journalism on a local level Radio shows
( 4 to 5 interns / team)
Team 24 - 1st semester   30th of July 2018 to 1st of February 2019  3rd of September 2018 to 1st of February 2019
Team 25 - 2d semester   21st of January 2019 to 28th of June 2019  11th of February 2019 to 28th of June 2019

What do I need in order to apply?

To be able to speak French to a high level


To be studying journalism, media, communications, European project management or politics in a higher education establishment. A learning agreement for traineeships (Erasmus +) from the University or School is mandatory. 


To take a keen interest in European affairs

How do I apply?

Send us a CV, a cover letter and a trial voice recording, in French at recrutement[a] (test article is HERE)


A telephone interview is organised with certain candidates


If your application is retained after this process, your "convention de stage" will be signed and you will join the team!

Contact : Hélène Lévêque : communications and partnerships
+33 (0)2 40 20 92 51 ·

Who makes up our European team?

Each student receives full training in the editorial line and aims of the radio, led by Simon Marty, a journalist with over 10 years of experience. Students will also be coached by Laurent Petetin, our technician boasting over 35 years of radio experience. Laurent will teach techniques such as speaking into a microphone, interview technique and sound editing. Once this first month of training is completed, the freshly-trained European journalists are then responsible for producing and presenting, alongside Simon Marty, two daily Euradio shows.

The other part of the news team consists of two English-speaking presenters: they present "The Breakfast Show" and "The Afternoon Show". These are Euradio’s two daily cultural shows. The show is made up of interviews of artists and labels, live sessions with artists, and coverage of cultural events. Stéphane Mathé, our musical programmer from the get-go, supervises and guides these two young people.

Since 2007, over 200 young interns of around 20 different nationalities of the European Union have passed through the doors of the radio-school. They work today for the BBC, Deutsche Welle, RTBF, Reuters, The Telegraph, Radio Sweden, ORF, Hit West and more…

Euradio, a renowned project!

European Initiative Prize 2007

Special Mention at the Louise Weiss European Journalism Prize 2009

European Citizen Prize 2014

Medal of Honour of the City of Nantes 2015

How does the internship work?

A monthly payment of around €500 a month, which can be combined with other financial support such as Erasmus+

35 hour working week

Working in a team with other European students led by a journalist

Between 1 and 3 hours on air per day

Praktikum im Bereich europäischer Journalismus

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Opportunità di tirocinio: scopri il giornalismo europeo!

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Opportunità di tirocinio: scopri il giornalismo europeo!

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The text for the trial voice recording

Thanks to Bastien Brillard for the video 😉