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Label of the Month • Interview with Ed Horrox of 4AD

Écrit par sur 21 septembre 2017

4AD is one of Europe’s best-known and longest-standing independent record labels. English for Everyone’s Alfie caught up with Ed Horrox, head of Artists and Repertoire at 4AD, to chat about the label’s long and intriguing history, as well as its brilliant and varied current roster of artists and their latest releases. With such musical variety on offer, it can be difficult to know what defines a 4AD artist; Ed states that the label simply “follows the music”.

Les opinions du lecteur
  1. BRETEAULT   Sur   25 septembre 2017 à 16 h 30 min

    I m very fan of 4AD thince 1986 with Clan of Xymox, médusa,
    After i listen xmal deutschland, nature morte, dead CAN danse , cocteau twins, and the genious This mortal coil .
    Nos i listen more pop music like pixies, St Vincent, blond redhead, deerhunter, future Island, pixel, and naturly The National !
    Xavier BRETEAULT

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