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Cash and Culture 20.09. – Music and Digital

Écrit par sur 15 novembre 2017

Cash and Culture 20.09

Animé par les intervenants d'Audencia Business School

Thèmes : Culture - Entrepreunariat

For the return of Cash & Culture, the MSc MECE students of Audencia have interviewed Cédric Huchet, Scopitone’s festival programmer and Mr. Lu° a kenyan artist. The interview was carried out by Gaël David.
Cédric presents the 2017 edition of the Scopitone festival and shares his interesting opinion about the impact of digital on arts and culture. For the second part of this show, we discussed the impact that the digital era is having on the creative process as seen through a practicing artist's eyes. Hephzibah Kisia had a conversation with a Kenyan-based audio and visual arts producer, Mr. Lu° about the possibility to reach and artistic skill refinement. We thought that in order for us to have a well-rounded perspective of the digital arts world, it would be insightful to understand digital media/resources from a practitioner's perspective.

The co-hosts from this show are the Audencia students Janine Boehm, Gaël David, Xiu Jiang, Hephzibah Kisia and Shrihari Kulkarni.


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