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Cash and Culture 04.01. – Medicine and the Arts

Écrit par sur 19 décembre 2017

This radio session of “Cash & Culture” will cover the topic “medicine and arts”. We have provided two interviews, carried out by Hephzibah Kisia, of Kenyan specialists (Nasambu ,Oneko and Lynn) in this sector. Nasambu shared the opinion that unity was in everything so music and arts could heal people by helping them find the harmony and balance of their bodies. Further to our second interview with Oneko and Lynn, form March For The Kenya Kids, they really appreciated the experiences getting in touch with the music and sports when they were young which helped shape who they are now. Which is amongst the reasons why they build a NGO to help kids from Kenya. They raised that music and arts were accessible for everyone and they could deal with various diseases in strong way.
The co-hosts from this show are the Audencia students Janine Boehm, Gaël David, Xiu Jiang, Hephzibah Kisia and Shrihari Kulkarni.
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