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Cash and Culture 08.03. – How is architecture shifting the image of a city?

Écrit par sur 19 décembre 2017

This session of “Cash & Culture” covers the topic of how architecture can shift the image of a city. We have provided interviews with Marieke Zeegers from SAMOA and Tahaer Zoyab, an architect from India to get a closer look on architecture.
In Marieke Zeeger’s interview, carried out by Janine Boehm and Xiu Jiang, she gave us her take on how architecture can shift and is contributing to raising the profile of the Nantes Island but also how to incorporate historical elements of the former industrial industry of the Island. Asking about what residents or employees working on the island think about that atmosphere she answered: “it’s almost as if people experience it as modern, clean feeling to it or the find it to be cold and almost as if it has no character. As if the history is gone, partially gone”. There was also the question popping up about how those buildings will be perceived in the future: How is that going to age? Like wine? This is not going to look very good in ten years, how will they see this architecture in 10-15 years from now? Activities in the past had to be somehow preserved, says Marieke Zeegers, be able to see them, object like the two cranes were kept as well as structures of warehouses. So they are trying to be futuristic but also at some point keeping ancient relicts / heritage to make it a memorable place. A mixture of past and future.
For the second part of this programme, carried out by Shrihari Kulkarni, we focused on the view of two architects from India and how they perceive architecture in cities. Tahaer Zoyab, an indian architect and former colleague of one of our co-hosts Shrihari Kulkarni is talking about architectural conservation of buildings, preserving heritage structures and educating people about them. Tahaer and his firm, Triple O Studio, located in Chennai, is active in conservation works and has also published a book about heritage and community houses of the Bohra community in Western India. Their idea is to spread as many stories about conservation as possible. The interview discusses challenges and economical constraints as well as future prospects.
The co-hosts from this show are the Audencia students Janine Boehm, Gaël David, Xiu Jiang, Hephzibah Kisia and Shrihari Kulkarni.
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