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YCBS – Discussing European Divides at the Starnberger See

Écrit par sur 23 janvier 2018

YCBS - Discussing European Divides at the Starnberger See

The venue of the the Summer Academy located close to Munich looks like a fairytale. The event organized by the Allianz Cultural Foundation gathered people from Hungary, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden and Germany who worked together to asses and evaluate the topic of European divides.
The participants prepared and presented national reports concerning local perceptions of the EU, labor market and unemployment as well as European cooperation to fight terrorism and other potential threats.
What are the unifying points?
The cultural values? It is difficult to talk about the same values among such diverse mentalities, concepts of economy, languages and traditions. But maybe it will be the new technologies and global competition that will bring us together in a search for our touchpoints and cooperation? It is an important point, indeed.
Elisabetha and Kristina showed us two cases concerning the perspective young Italians and Bulgarians have at our Europe today.
Ideas and concepts around European welfare, open dialog between groups and collaboration to defeat terrorism will be included in publications following the event and will be then recommended to the European institutions in Brussels.


Read more about ASA here

The this year Summer Academy took place at the Starnbebrger lake


Organization by the Allianz Cultural Foundation



YCBS – Discussing European Divides at the Starnberger See

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