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Cash & Culture: Hybrid places

Écrit par sur 22 février 2018

Most of the places we go to have a single function. A bar is place to have a drink, a gallery a place to admire works of art, a factory a place to produce things, and an office is a place to work. However, today, we observe emerging places where activities and functions are mixed. Regarding the cultural industries, we noticed two new places of this type in Nantes, and we tried to understand what their founders have in mind when creating such hybrid places.
Can you imagine an urban winery, a concert hall, an exhibition hall, and a wine bar in the same space? We found one which is named Bras de Fer, it opened in October 2017, and we interviewed them the day right before their official opening.
Bras de fer – Urban winery and more – 34 Boulevard de la Prairie au Duc, 44200 Nantes
Can you think about a space that looks like a living room, where you can buy the trendiest design furniture, while drinking a finest quality columbian coffee, and watching works of some of the greatest contemporary urban artists? This place does exist, it is called L’Artichaut, in downtown Nantes.
L’Artichaut – Urban art gallery and coffee shop – 8 Rue du Marais, 44000 Nantes
Credits – Interviews: Jean (L’artichaut) and Pierrick (Bras de Fer)
Credits – journalists: Ruth Andrea Rodriguez, Meiqi Lin, Zhidi Zhou, Pierre-Alexandre Luyt

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