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Écrit par sur 26 février 2018

La Route du Rock d'Hiver

Owen a parlé avec Nico de Concrete Knives avant leur concert a La Route du Rock à Saint Malo vendredi le 23 février 2018. Nico nous parle de l’histoire du groupe, de leur processus d’écrire les paroles en anglais et de leur nouveau album, Our Hearts, qui est sorti ce jour même. Trouvez le disque, et plus sur le groupe, ici:

Kelley Stoltz, the rock musician from San Francisco, spoke to Owen after his set at La Route du Rock in Saint Malo this past weekend. Having worked in the music industry for the past 2 decades, he told some great stories about his favourite gigs, his creative process and then more recently about his newest album, Que Aura, which came out in August 2017. Find out more here:


Ellen and Owen spoke to Ben from Montero on Saturday night following his set at La Route du Rock festival at La Nouvelle Vague in Saint-Malo. Ben enlightened us on his experience and life philosophy, as well as his love for the north of England. Check out his music and artwork on his website



Ellen and Owen spoke to Tim and Rebecca from Park Hotel before their headline slot at La Route du Rock festival, winter edition that took place over 23rd and 24th February at La Nouvelle Vague in Saint-Malo. They talked to us about the roots of the band, their upcoming gigs and newly released single, ‘Good People Bad Dreams’, among much else. Catch them playing the Moth Club in London on Tuesday 27th as part of the NME Awards Shows, as well as a number of different festivals throughout the summer.




Owen and Ellen from the Breakfast and Afternoon Shows were lucky enough to head up to Saint Malo for the winter edition of La Route du Rock on 23rd and 24th February. Owen caught up with Ian Parton, the brains behind Brighton pop sensation The Go! Team, ahead of their performance at the festival. Ian spoke about the group’s new album Semicircle, their dynamic live performance style and the band’s evolution over their 5 albums. Check out Semicircle, our European album of the week for the 19th-25th February, here:

Les interviews réalisées avant le festival

Baxter Dury

On October 27th, the English indie musician Baxter Dury released his fifth album, “Prince of Tears”, an album a year in the making and an intensely personal yet brutally open meditation on a recent relationship breakdown. The Afternoon Show’s Zoé spoke with him about the album, growing up in a musical environment and the impact of emotional life events on music.


Lionel Vancauwenberghe of ‘Girls in Hawaii’

On September 29th, ‘Girls in Hawaii’ released their fifth studio album, ‘Nocturne’. The Afternoon Show’s Zoé spoke with Lionel Vancauwenberghe, the band’s vocalist and guitarist to speak about the album. It is an album which  “exhibits the band’s view of the world and its different musical shades. Familiar yet different, melodious but precarious, this is an album of the night, of dawn and of dusk.” Lionel spoke about the personal importance of music, hypnotism and the creation of their colourful music videos.



Ellen caught up with Albane Coutoux, the artistic director of the festival, who explained the thinking behind the Winter collection and talked about some of the artists festival goers can look forward to. You can catch artists playing in Rennes on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd February, with La Nouvelle Vague in Saint-Malo hosting the Friday and Saturday nights of the festival.

Find out more information about the festival line-up and get your tickets by following this link:

Cotillon kicked off the opening night of SOY festival at Stereolux on Wednesday October 25th. The Breakfast Show’s Alfie Davies caught up with Jordan Corso of Cotillon before the show to chat about their tour, story and music.

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