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Hip Opsession • Interview with House Dancer, Kapela

Écrit par sur 5 mars 2018

House dance was born in the clubs, but this weekend Hip Opsession put house dance and many more styles on centre stage at the Lieu Unique, exposing the diversity of dance elements that form part of hip hop culture. We saw a sprinkling of the talent that exists all over Europe and the world, including competitors, judges and beat makers from Russia, Japan, South Korea and USA to name only a few. In the lead up to Friday night’s battle, Ellen caught up with Kapela – one of France’s most celebrated house dancers and one of the three judges of the battle’s House section. Kapela spoke to us about what he looks for in the dancers as a judge, the different ‘flavours’ of dance all over the world, and gives some words of wisdom for aspiring dancers.
Ellen also spoke to DJ One Up, who provided the music for Saturday night’s battle, listen to the interview here:
Check out the programme for the rest of Hip Opsession:

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