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Album of the Week • Interview with B. Fleischmann

Écrit par sur 13 mars 2018

Our European Album of the Week this week is “Stop Making Fans” by B. Fleischmann, released 2nd February of this year on Morr Music. Ellen caught up with Bernhard, the “B” of B. Fleischmann to talk about his album. They covered a lot of ground, discussing Talking Heads references, the politics behind his music and the potential euphoria music can bring. That was in addition to diving into his life long music career and the work Bernhard has also done in film and theatre.
Find out more information about the album here:
Ask any artist or music lover about a gig that changed their life and you can be sure they’ll have a story. Here at Euradionantes, we want to hear those stories. In this brand new feature, Ellen and Owen ask musicians to tell them about a gig that changed their lives, that struck a heart string, or has stuck with them over the years. If you have a story you want to tell, get in touch! Send us an email at … a tweet @euradioenglish … or a message on our facebook.
Ellen asked Bernhard to tell us his story…


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