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Hip Opsession • Interview with Reverie

Écrit par sur 20 mars 2018

Photo: Ekrypt

On 15th March Reverie, rapper from Los Angeles started her 12th European tour at Le Ferrailleur as part of Hip Opsession. She was second to perform on a line-up with Swiss artist, Danitsa and old school New York duo, Camp Lo.
On stage Reverie is full of fire, feeding from the energy of the crowd and giving her all. Sharing her experiences and her passion, she knows why she is here and what she wants to achieve. Ellen had the pleasure of talking to Reverie back stage accompanied by her crew and friends, Ekrypt and DJ LaLa. Fiercely determined, but equally softly spoken and gracious, Reverie spoke about her experiences touring in the USA and Europe, and the different approach taken during the creation of her most recent album, “Satori”. Broaching challenging subjects of personal experience and mental health, Reverie opens a dialogue and provides comfort and relief for her listeners.
Reverie also played an all female, Madame Rap organized concert on 17th March in Paris as part of festival “Les femmes s’en mêlent” – an ardent believer in the empowerment that such events provide.
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