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Les Femmes s'en Mêlent • Interview with Mélissa Laveaux

Écrit par sur 26 mars 2018

Mélissa Laveaux played Stéréoluxe on 21st March as part of the festival, Les Femmes s’en Mêlent, taking place across France until 5th April. Ellen and Owen had the pleasure of speaking to Mélissa prior to the show. They covered an array of topics, including the release of Mélissa’s third LP, “Radyo Siwèl”, Haitian history and concepts behind the album – as well as the play she is currently directing in Paris, and her dream to one day write a song for Eurovision.
The full LP, “Radyo Siwèl” is out now on No Format records.
Listen back to interviews with Lomboy and Pink Kink who also played the LFSM show at Stéréoluxe
Mélissa also told us her story for our feature, “A Gig That Changed My Life”


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