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L'Ère de Rien • Interview with Her's

Écrit par sur 3 avril 2018

British-Norwegian duo Her’s played at L’Ère de Rien Party #3 last weekend at the Lieu Unique, and Owen had a chance to talk to them before the gig. They spoke about their new single Love on the Line (Call Now), the magic at Liverpool University that brought them together and their favourite venues to play in the UK.
Also have a listen to their stories from our new feature, A Gig That Changed My Life:
Stephen, talking about Metronomy:

Audun, talking about Sean Nicholas Savage:

This concert was part of the run up to the festival L’Ère de Rien (20th and 21st April). Make sure you stay tuned for details of a live show from this festival by our very own English hosts Owen and Ellen !
Also, if you enjoyed this interview, check out Owen and Ellen talking to Pink Kink and The Orielles (both friends of Her’s mentioned in their interview), and Owen talking to Mick Scholefield from Her’s’ label Heist or Hit.

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