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CANDY VALLEY Bigott’s new album recorded in Los Angeles, California.
CANDY VALLEY Los Angeles, California.
Bigott’s 9th album comes from the other side of the Atlantic; Produced by David Loca (Part-time), and recorded in the “G” studio in Los Angeles, with Izak Arida (the Memories).
Bigott has had the American musician David Loca to shape his new album, a luxury of sound adventure that results in this very fresh collection of songs.
The whole album is impregnated with vibrant energy, short, direct songs and wonderfully catchy melodies. Candy Valley is punk, dance, joy and fun, great compositions translated in an immediate and accurate way; an album that claims the freshness of the real and its energy. Lo-Fi of first class.
Recorded and mixed in studio G of Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 2017. Music: Bigott, Producer: David Loca, Sound engineer: Izak Arida, interpreters: David Loca, Tony Leal, Izak Arida, Bigott , Master: Javi Vacuum.
Originality and quality are a constant throughout his discography; it is a difficult character to classify, both in his music and (even more so) in his person. Funny, passionate and with an amazing strength on stage. His live shows are unique experiences, an exaltation of the enjoyment of doing what one enjoys, contagious energy between Bigott and the public. Surrounded by his exceptional band, Cristian Barros (keyboards and guitar), Clara Carnicer (choirs and bass) and Juan Gracia (drums), the ensemble demonstrates great musical professionalism at the service of the spontaneous and magical show that Bigott creates on any stage he climbs.

Bigott has participated with his live shows in a big number of prestigious international festivals such as:
SXSW-Texas, USA, CMW-Toronto, Canadá, ROCK AL PARQUE– Bogotá, Ecuador, EUROPA VOX– Clermont Ferrand, France, LE PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES, Bourges, France, OPTIMUS PRIMAVERA SOUND– Lisbon, Portugal, INDIGENES– Nantes, France, ANTIGEL Ginebra, Suiza; as well as in almost all of the Spanish festivals as FIB (Benicassim), PRIMAVERA SOUND (Barcelona), SOS Festival (Murcia), WOMAD (Cáceres), SONORAMA (Aranda de Duero), ARENAL (Castellón), MAD COOL (Madrid) VIDA FESTIVAL (Barcelona) Luna Lunera (Sos), Nocturama (Sevilla), Palm Fest (Tarragona), Actual Festival (Pamplona), Deleste Festival (Valencia), Solar Fest (Mallorca), Slap Festival (Zaragoza), Faraday (Gerona), Fiz Festival (Zaragoza), Irun Rock, Muwi Fest (Logroño), Festigábal (Barcelona), Cantilafont, Lo Quiosk, polifonik, and a long etc …
He has also been invited to play his songs live on reputed radio stations such as Radio Nova in Paris and Radio 3 in Madrid, where he has also recorded for 5 times the direct shows of his last 5 albums, for its diffusion in the spanish tv program “los conciertos de Radio 3”
Bigott is a Spanish songwriter and performer with 9 albums of his own to date. By order of edition:
That sentimental Sandwich (autoedited 2006)
What a lovely day today (autoedited 2007)
Fin (Grabaciones en el Mar, 2008)
This is the begining of a beautiful friendship (Grabaciones en el Mar, 2009)
The Orinal Soundtrack (Grabaciones en el Mar, 2010)
Blue Jeans (Grabaciones en el Mar, 2012)
Pavement Tree (Grabaciones en el Mar, 2014)
My friends are Dead (Grabaciones en el Mar, y Lolipop Records 2016 )
Candy Valley (Gnartapes 2018)


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