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European Album of the Week • Interview with Jef Maarawi

Écrit par sur 16 avril 2018

Released on 11th December, “Comfort Food” by Jef Maarawi was our European Album of the Week for the week beginning 3rd April. Ellen caught up with Jeff to talk about the album. He told us about evolution behind the album, his transition towards telling his own story and the need for this album to be a solo project. Jeff also teases us of plans for a second album, and gives us his take on the Athen’s music scene. He also spoke of the way growing up in Brasil; and having a Syrian father have influenced his music.
Jef also told us about not one, but two gigs that changed his life, listen back below.
Jef Maarawi on Black Knives

Jef Maarawi on F*ck Buttons

Find more information about Jef Maarawi and “Comfort Food” here:

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