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L'Ere de Rien • Interview with Nathan Leproust

Écrit par sur 17 avril 2018

Ellen and Owen had the pleasure of welcoming Nathan Leproust, one of the organisers of L’Ere de Rien festival that will kick off on Friday 20th April. Nathan spoke to us about how they find the artists and the ways that the festival is ever expanding its audience. He explained the thinking behind the “prix libre” concept, inviting graphic artists to the festival this year, and the Saturday afternoon special. Listen back to the interview below.

Ellen and Owen will be live from the festival on the 20th and 21st April from 15-17hr for a very special edition of The Afternoon Show. They will be bringing you interviews from musicians and artists, and giving you a taste of the festival’s buzz before you head down to the banks of the Sèvre for the evening.
Nathan also told us a wonderful story about seeing The Dodos at L’Ere de Rien #4 for “A Gig That Changed My Life”:

For more information on L’Ere de Rien:

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