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Album of the Week • Interview with Leon from Alfa 9

Écrit par sur 25 avril 2018

Alfa 9 released their long-anticipated third album ‘My Sweet Movida‘ at the end of March, and it was chosen as euradio’s Album of the Week. Owen, from The Breakfast and Afternoon Shows, spoke to guitarist Leon Jones, who revealed why the band left a gap of nearly 6 years between releasing material. Leon also spoke about the creative freedoms of writing and producing their own record, which was helped by the good fit of new drummer John Bradbury, and how all this helps the album to exist within its own context. On the deluxe version of the album, seven of the songs are available in a stripped back, raw form, and this helps to show the songs’ carefully curated harmonies.
The band are heading out on tour over the next few weeks, and hopefully over to Europe in the Autumn, so watch this space!
Also check out Leon’s story for ‘A Gig That Changed My Life’:

Have a listen to an interview Owen and Ellen did with Altin Gun, our album of the week for last week.

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