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Don’t judge a record by its cover #9

Written by on 9 mai 2018



  • Les polices du projet SongwritersFonts, tout comme les manuscrits dont ils sont issus, sont visibles ici par exemple.

Le site de SongwritersFonts accueille le visiteur avec le message suivant:

“Hello, Goodbye.
We’ve launched the SongwritersFonts project, a series of typefaces created from famous songwriters’ handwritings, as a design project. The unique purpose of this was to inspire musicians and the next generation of songwriters to put their imagination at work. But, the unexpected success of this project went a bit too far… We have been contacted by intellectual property rights owners, and are sad to announce that we have to shut down this website because of legal issues. We’re sorry to have to say goodbye.


  • La pochette de l’EP Beat At The Heart Of The City de The Cyclist brillamment conçue par (Britt Brown ?) – label 100% Silk.


Gaston Lagaffe π.0

La pochette de A Totally New Sound sorti sur le label Smiling C.


  • Wolfgang Klingler, Hans-Christian Mittag, Thomas Heimes – Nach Dienst

Fun fact: le morceau Nach Dienst apparaît en face B du disque, après un morceau intitulé Smiling C.

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