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Cash and Culture – Nantes cultural institutions on sustainability

Écrit par sur 10 mai 2018

How can cultural institutions subsist in modern times ? We wanted to have point of view from really different institutions, so we went and asked Cyrille SCIAMA, curator from Nantes Art Museum and Florence BOUHRIS, associate director of the Cinématographe, an independent cinema in Nantes.
First is Cyrille, who has been a curator for a few years now. With us he will share his personal and professional experience, especially about art and museums, as well as leaving some precious advice to anyone who would wish to become a curator as well.
Next up is Florence, and the Cinématographe. She will talk about various things, from the history of her association, to how important cinema can be for education, especially of young people. Indeed, the Cinématographe is doing more than just displaying movies, they also introduce image to primary school students. Then, she will answer our questions about how cinemas can cooperate with other institutions, like museums for instance, and explore the future with us!

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