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Cash & Culture – Transnational Cultural Work

Écrit par sur 10 mai 2018

In this emission, we meet two people who have to work across borders and make the most of it : Ailian ZHU, CEO of EurAsian Info, and Gordon HUSH, Head of Innovation School at the Glasgow School of Arts.
Ailian has been working in the information industry more than ten years already. For us, she shared her daily routine, having to manage a cross-continental information portal : How does she experience work ? What are the issues she has to tackle to operate her company ? If that got you interested, she also offered some precious tips for anyone willing to start their carreer in this kind of structure.
Afterwards, Gordon offered us some insight about GSA’s Winter School, two weeks of seminar gathering students from Scotland, France, Germany, and Denmark. He explained us his expectations prior to the Winter School, and how he felt after it ended, and finally gave us some really interesting thoughts about how design can help change the world.

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