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Live Session & intw • The Blind Suns

Écrit par sur 15 mai 2018

Ellen and Owen had the pleasure of welcoming Anger-based group, The Blind Suns, on The Afternoon Show for a live session and interview. The group played us two tracks, “Rockefella”, from their 2014 debut release, “Baltic Waves”, and “Ride” taken from “Offshore”, their second album that was released at the end of April. The release of “Offshore” has been celebrated with a mini French tour of release party dates. Having already successfully played in Anger and Paris, the group will round the album launch off on 30th May at Le Ferrailleur in Nantes. Dorota, singer and guitarist, and Romain, composer and guitarist, spoke to us about their links with the USA and how the surfer scene has heavily influences their music. We also spoke about the sister cities connection between Anger and Houston, as well as the motif of the ocean that follows them through their music. With a European tour and multiple summer festival dates planned, they are eager to get on the road and bring The Blind Suns to Nantes once again.
Catch them at Le Ferrailleur on 30th May, with Black Lilys from Lyon in support
Listen to Dorota and Romain each tell us about “A Gig That Changed Their Life”:

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