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A domicile : Brian Lopez

Écrit par sur 17 mai 2018

A domicile : Live Session de Brian Lopez

Brian Lopez came into the studio to play a couple of tracks for us ahead of his French tour, which includes a gig in Montoir this weekend (Friday 23rd March) as part of folk en scènes and in Nantes at Pannonica on Saturday 31st March. He played 2 songs: Mercury in Retrogade and Leda Atomica for our two English hosts Owen and Ellen.

In the interview after, he spoke to us about his new album Prelude, coming out Friday 23rd March; his travels and how this influenced his music; and more.

Check out folk en scènes and our competition to win tickets to all three of the gigs, as well as an interview Owen did with organiser Aurélie Launay.

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