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Festival Yeah • Interview with Laurent Garnier

Écrit par sur 17 mai 2018

Laurent Garnier, best known as an electronic music producer and DJ, is also one of 3 organisers of Festival Yeah, whose 6th edition will take place on 1st, 2nd and 3rd June. He spoke to Owen Atkinson, from The Breakfast and Afternoon Shows, talking us through the origin of the festival with friends Nicolas Galina and Arthur Durigon in the small village of Lourmarin. He explained how the intimacy of the venue of the castle – for the music nights – and the village itself – for the free daytime events, such as conferences, masterclasses and exhibitions – are essential to the spirit of the festival.
He also talked to us about the label that the 3 of them set up in late 2014, Sounds Like Yeah, and how it helps him to carry out the ‘musical social work’ that he loves in Festival Yeah all year round. He recently did a set at the new electronic festival ‘Paco Tyson’ in Nantes, and told us how much he loved the experience. He finished off by thanking euradio for consistently supporting him, the festival and the label – and to that, we say our pleasure !!
Also have a listen to his story about seeing Gil Scott-Heron for ‘A Gig That Changed My Life’:

While you’re here, check out Ellen’s interview with CHICHI (in English) from Paco Tyson, the festival Laurent played at in Nantes at the end of April. Also have a look at Owen talking to Lille-based electro duo You Man (in French) when they came to Stereolux for Stereotrip Lille.

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