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Album of the Week • Mickaël Mottet from Lion in Bed

Écrit par sur 18 mai 2018

Mickaël Mottet, from Angil and the Hiddentracks, has recently made his return to writing music with his partner Schérazed O. (known for her solo work as Dotsy Dot). Their debut eponymous album “Lion in Bed” came out on 4th May and is our Album of the Week. Owen, from The Breakfast and Afternoon Shows, had the opportunity to speak to Mickaël about the journey to create the album, which, for the duo “is very close to what we are, what we stand for and what we are trying to build as people in real life”. He took us through influences, such as Nancy Sinatra and Blonde Redhead, and the joys of being able to record in the heat of the emotion/ moment, which gives the album a very raw feeling. A good example of this is the opening track, Ulysses, whose melody was thought up by Schérazed when the couple went swimming in Sardinia. Finally, he told us about the experience of crowdfunding the album through microfinance, and how they managed to do this while avoiding becoming “modern prostitutes”!

The duo is still a new project, but they do have some gigs lined up for summer in their hometown of St. Etienne, the first of which will be supporting Goran Bregovic on 4th July.

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