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Danse • Interview with Joanne Leighton

Écrit par sur 28 mai 2018

“To really maintain and be fidel with yourself is very difficult in a foreign language”

Joanne Leighton, Australian dancer and choreographer, recently came to Nantes for a conference organised by CCNN and La Paperie: Et Toi? Tu Danses Où? Et Avec Qui? She spoke to our host Owen Atkinson about the advantages and challenges of working in different places throughout Europe and Australia. She also delved into her experience with languages in her work and how expression and interpretation changes in English and in French.

The conference was centered around dance in public space, and Joanne gave us a taste of her views on and experience in this, as well as her current pieces in production – The Vigil and Songlines – which inform each other through working in different spaces.

While you’re here, check out interviews with CCNN director Erika Hess who co-organised the conference at which Joanne spoke. You can find other interviews about local dance, theatre and cinema via the tab Interviews Culture

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