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Label of the Month • Interview with Alex Twist of Requiem Pour Un Twister

Écrit par sur 30 mai 2018

Alex Twist and his brother Etienne started the blog Requiem Pour Un Twister, which transitioned into a label in 2012. Owen spoke to Alex about the label, our European Label of the Month on euradio, and his differing experiences working with French and US bands. Later, he told us about how the label releases their music in all formats so it’s available to everyone. Still, he is a self-professed ‘vinyl activist’ and explained why he loves 7 inch, while talking about his favourite styles of music. Alex ends by telling us what the future has to hold for RPUT, as well as on for his other, smaller label Croque Macadam.

Check out an interview with Simon from La Houle, who Alex has started working with through Croque Macadam, as well as our interview for the Label of the Month for April with Tom Picton from Howlin’ Banana.

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