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Album of the Week • Interview with The Married Monk’s Christian Quermalet

Écrit par sur 31 mai 2018

The Married Monk made an unexpected (but very welcome) comeback onto the music scene this week -10 years after their last release- with their sixth album Headgearalienpoo. Christian Quermalet, the group’s founder and lead singer, spoke to our host Owen Atkinson about why he decided to return to music, and how the scene is different to when he left it in 2008. He praised Tom Rocton, the group’s new member, for his musical talents – and explained the magic behind their collaboration. Christian also explored some of the musical choices on the album: it features the group’s longest ever song at 7:34, and Christian told us about the freedom of having more space to explore the sounds. He then went on to talk about how he chose the two covers on the record.
Christian confirmed that The Married Monk will be coming to Rennes before the end of 2018, and a French tour is currently being scheduled for the album, so watch this space!

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