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Cash and Culture: Fashion means business

Écrit par sur 31 mai 2018

Fashion means business
In this programme hosted by Jonathan Gander, Head of Cultural and Creative Industries at Kingston University, London we look into the business of fashion. We listen to young fashion and accessories designers interviewed by Jonathan Gander and Catherine Morel at Pure Fashion Trade Fair, London in February 2017.
Their experience as fashion entrepreneurs is commented in the studio by our editorial team + our special guest: Prof Colleen Mills who researched fashion designers and entrepreneurs in New Zealand.
For more info on the designers interviewed on this programme, please see below.
Ho Mulder (Fashion accessories), Holland,
Liza Veta (Luxury women’s wear), London, UK,
Anna Ruohonen, Fashion designer, Paris, France,
Rita Seth, (Women’s fashion), The Many Sides, London UK,
Kiki Dimitrescu (Bridal’s wear), Romania
Subal Charla co-founder of Charlie Feist (accessories), London, UK,

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