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Cash and Culture Fairs, festivals, trade shows in the Creative Industries

Écrit par sur 31 mai 2018

Fairs, festivals, trade shows in the Creative Industries : what roles for these global cultural events?
All creative industries have their major annual event (Festival de Cannes, Frankfurt Book Fair, Frieze Art fair, MIDEM, Milan Fashion show) where all the actors of the profession are meeting and where sales are made. But not only…
Fairs and trade shows as places where trends emerge, new voices are heard and discovered, critical conversations are struck.
Fairs are also important to reach larger audiences. Increasingly fairs, which were only for people in the trade, are opening to the public at large. They are cultural events and are also experiential places for all kinds of visitors.

Our first conversation is with Touria El Glaoui, who set up a fair (called 1:54) in 2013 to promote African Contemporary Art in the Western Hemisphere.
Simon  Carolan speaks about book fairs emerging in developing countries and their role in the economic development of regions and cities.
Shree Gowswami,  Director of Project 88 in Mumbai 2006 and the two young founders Ho Mulder (NL) talks of the importance of fairs for small organisations wanting to reach a global audience and get feedback from these audiences
To know more about the organisations mentioned during this programme , please check their website below

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