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Interview with Simon Dallaserra from VAGUE :

On June 1st 2018 the Vienna and Berlin based band VAGUE will release their
new album Land. It is a highly diverse and ambitious piece of art. While still
carrying the guitar-driven signature sound of the previous works, the band
created a record, that already has a modern Indie-Pop-Classic kind of vibe.
Whereas the fourteen new tracks bundle a sound that is mainly located floating
loosely inbetween the genres. The arrangements are more nuanced and closer
into detail, without cutting short of the bands’ specific ease and flow that wants
you to grow into the sound easily.
The lyrics on Land transmit a refreshing and maybe more than ever important
feeling of honest sensitivity – an openly shown awareness towards life’s
complexities. After their debut-EP Tempdays (2015) and their highly praised
longplayer In The Meantime (2016), Land shows perfectly how the band has
matured in sound and style.
Longtime fans will be charmed by the renewed sovereignty of the sound. The
variability of VAGUE, that has become emblematic for the bands music, is again a
key component on Land, a variability that is fueled by the different styles of the three
songwriters and singers (Konstantin Heidler, Gabriel Hyden as well as Simon
Dallaserra). The band leave the standard hierarchy between frontman and other
bandmembers behind. Members changing instruments and a consensus, that
experiments are nothing to be avoided, is where VAGUE’s sound originates.
They recorded and produced the tracks and the interludes themselves. The step
back – away from the more common studio-and-hired-producer-situation – was set to open space for unconventional approaches to making music.
Land also marks thefirst collaboration between the band and saxophonist Vitus Denifl and a continuation
of the band’s experiments with keyboards and drum computers. Recording in a DIYstyle
seemed like a fitting method to accomplish this. VAGUE want to combine
coincidence and improvisation with catchy patterns well known from popular music,
circling around different genres.

Simon Dallaserra, band-member:
“I often have the feeling, that the most interesting and innovative things occur without
intent or even out of mistakes. That thought makes a free and playful approach to
music easier. Sometimes we start out holding on to a certain feeling that we know we
want the song to be a vehicle for. As soon as we are all in that flow and we all pull in
one direction, something new can be born out of that.”
The fourteen songs can’t be placed into only one niche. The sound drifts between the
fields: Sometimes “dreamy Indie-Pop” would be your go-to association for VAGUE’s
music, but then the more jazzy, Bossanova-style arrangements invite you to think
otherwise. Some songs come at you subtly disguised in noisy Post-Rock patterns,
others come along in more dense and softer shapes. Despite of the stylistic
fragmentation the sound of Land remains confidently coherent and underlines the
bands characteristic style.
In a way, Land feels like the future is talking to us. The album expresses a distinct
coming of age feeling. The lyrics orbit around big themes in life – such as longing and
the profound feeling of being in love for example – while also subtly hinting at the
absurdities of life and the coldness of social normativity. You can enter Land,
observe it, lose yourself in the sound of its narratives and maybe discover
possibilities to break up long held stereotypes and clichés. Sometimes the songs are
underlayed by feelings of weightlessness and hope, other times the search for
consolation builds the foundation. But the feeling transmitted always stays on the
smooth and gentle side of things, like the warm breeze running through the fingers of
your hand, held out the car window on a drive on a warm summer day. Maybe a long
forgotten memory suddenly appears in your mind – a smile once smiled at you by a
special person perhaps, one that let the time stand still for a moment. If that happens,
you have already fallen into the world of VAGUE and a whole new, dreamy
landscape has spread out in front of you.


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