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Album of the Week • Interview with Vague’s Simon Dallaserra

Écrit par sur 5 juin 2018

Vague, from Austria, released their 2nd album Land on the 1st June. Owen spoke to Simon Dallaserra about the new album and its themes of exploring and discovering new lands. Simon is one of three guitarists, vocalists and writers in the group, and he explained to us how having different songs being written by different members gives the album a more complex and diverse sound. He talked us through the nouveautés of this second album, such as mixing the record themselves and working with saxophonist Vitus Denifl, and then explained the meaning behind the video for the album’s lead single Crash. Vague are doing a mini album tour in Austria and Germany at the end of the month, and while there are no concrete plans to come to France yet we hope we can welcome them to Nantes soon!


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