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Stolen Body Records is an independent record label based in Bristol, UK. We started up in 2012 and have been fiercely independent from the start. We are a family run business with myself Al Studer my partner Suz Mota and our son Max Junior (he’s learning the ropes). We also put on a yearly festival – Bristol Psych Fest –




BOYTOY is a summer-time strut down a New York City sidewalk as the sun slips behind the horizon where cement meets the shore and waves crash on pavement. Their sound ebbs and flows between natural harmony and destruction—embodying the bright grooves of the 1960’s with heavy guitar riffs snatched from the Lower East Side of the 1970’s.
Their forthcoming sophomore LP, Night Leaf, was born on a ranch in Topanga Canyon, California, surrounded by three dogs, two pigs, nostalgic tones of warm tube amps, analog tape machines and a slew of old trucks, RV’s, and surfboards. With a fresh collection of genuine tunes and contagious rhythms, founding members Saara Untracht-Oakner (vocals, guitar) and Glenn Michael Van Dyke (vocals, guitar), were joined by Chase Noelle (drums, ex-Thelma and The Sleaze) and Lena Simon (bass, La Luz), to record at producer Kyle Mullarky’s renowned Pump House Studio. Mullarky is well known for his work producing and recording California bands including The Growlers and Allah-Las.
Since 2014, BOYTOY has released a self-titled EP, their debut full-length, Grackle, in 2015 (both on Papercup Music for vinyl + digital, Burger Records for cassette) and several 7” singles with various labels including Little Dickman, Bob Records and Swiss label Sacred Hood Records, garnering praise from outlets such as Rolling Stone, NYLON, Noisey, Stereogum and SPIN, to name just a few. They’ve spent the last three years touring extensively across the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK and Europe, hitting SXSW, Growlers Six Festival, Northside Festival, while sharing the stage with Midnight Oil, Surfer Blood.

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Songs From 1001 Nights is the upcoming release from the Middle Eastern Psychrock outlet Ouzo Bazooka.
The EP boasts 5 masterfully crafted tracks which draw inspiration from vintage Middle Eastern psychedelia and groove Surf Rock sounds of the 60s and 70s.
1001 Nights transports listeners from the sweltering banks of the Nile, through Tel Aviv bustling city streets, down to a California beach, and back around to the spice scented alleys of Istanbul in one hot rodded magic carpet ride.
The music is textured and rich, peppered with hazily winding guitar licks and the authentic Oriental avor that Ouzo Bazooka are famous for.

Ouzo Bazooka represents everything that is beautiful in Tel Aviv; Cultural coexistence, vigorous creation and an always happening urban scene. Drawing influences from this local melting pot and exotic middle eastern feel, along with classic hard rock, psychedelic art, garage rock and surf – Ouzo Bazooka’s sound is a dizzying concoction of east meets west. Ouzo Bazooka’s self-titled freshman album boasts 13 masterfully crafted hits that will send Hell’s Angels dancing on table-tops, breaking plates, grinning stupidly and ending up on the floor in a group-hug-pile-up.
Leading the pack is Uri Brauner Kinrot, a prolific singer-songwriter. He has established himself as a major name in the local and global music scene, touring North and South America, Europe and Japan. He had trekked his unique sound to far corners of the universe, rocking out major music festivals such as Roskilde, Glastonbury, Fuji Rock, Exit, Womex, Olinkan (Mexico City), Reeperbahn, SXSW, Sines (Portugal), Global Fest (NYC) and more.
Uri has been active in the music scene for over a decade, collaborating with notable names in the musical trade and gaining great acclaim by the press for his musical achievements. He has played, recorded, toured and helped shape the influential sounds of big names such as Balkan Beat Box, Shantel, New York City’s punk heroes Firewater and the Macedonian-Romani brass band Kocani Orkestar. Uri is also the leader of the chart-successful mediterranean surf band Boom Pam, who’s currently collaborating with Turkish psychedelic-folk legend Selda Bagcan.
After roaming the globe, spreading his mediterranean-chic love, Uri felt the urge to pursue earlier influences that had always echoed in the back of his mind. He returned to the sounds and artists that shaped him since his teens; Cream’s fuzzed British Invasion, Link Wray’s surfed-up style and The Sonics’ soulful garage feel. The fresh new formula worked, and a true original sound was revealed. Uri’s kaleidoscopic vision exemplifies good ol’ rock n roll with an oriental tinge, which is undoubtedly heard in his latest endeavour, Ouzo Bazooka. The group has been touring extensively in the past couple of years, gaining local recognition, plenty of radio airplay and supporting act shows in Tel Aviv for both The Pixies and The Hives. Furthermore, the album was released in Japan by Tokyo based label, Tuff Beats and in Germany by Broken Silence Distribution. The German release celebrated at a sold-out concert in Berlin.

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Their eponymous debut saw them working with Jim Barr (Portishead/Get the Blessing) and Amateur Pro Wrestling was produced by Deerhoof guitarist John Dieterich. Both records have sold out on limited edition colour splatter vinyl. Muck is due for release on April 13th 2018 and sees the Usses stretching the envelope of their playfully warped vision of sonic reality.
Having met as part of the final cohort to attend the legendary (and sadly now defunct) experimental Dartington College in rural Devon, Conrad, Dan, Leon and Lorenzo played together in various other styles and permutations before forming The Evil Usses. Having arrived at a sound described by some as somewhere between Beefheart’s Magic Band, Tortoise and the Cardiacs, they now find themselves embedded within Bristol’s boundlessly creative BLOOM collective.
If you were to ask the band what the album sounds like you are not likely to receive a straight answer. Or even the same answer from any two members for that matter. One such member has been overheard to say (off the record of course),
“When I think about Muck I think about the grouse. Mucky Grouse, inspector Mucky Grouse! There have been some dodgy goings on on the moorlands. Just what they are he doesn’t know yet. He’s just got a real strong feeling that something bad is about to happen. Is he just being paranoid!? His red, rubbery eyelid is blinking and pulsing frantically yet his expression remains deadpan. All this thinking and distress is too much for his little brain to handle. He finds a comfortable bush and peacefully falls asleep. When he wakes up he’ll know what this has been all about. It’s muck. MUCK! That’s what’s about to happen, and there’s no escape from it this time HA HA HA HA!”
What that means exactly you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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The Bad Pelicans spent the past the last 3 years destroying all the independent Parisian venues. They released 3 demo tapes to date which all sold out immediately. They have toured European several times and opened for some major indie bands (Together Pangea, Skegss, Mystic Braves…)
The Bad Pelicans definitely sit on the throne of the most surprising underground band in Paris. These kids’ surf-fueled nihilism will set the tongues wagging in a close future.
Check out Svrf Pvnk from the album Best Of below
“On this showing Bad Pelicans are a band well worth seeking out; their mixture of styles creates a sound all their own and they add their own verve and sense of fun. It’s an accomplished release. It will be interesting where they go from Best Of. Vive les Bad Pelicans!” – Louderthanwar

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Formed via the spirit of adolescent excitement in Bristol at the tail end of 2016, Captain Süün are a band well and truly beyond their tender years. Following a handful of gigs in 2017 – and a raucous set at Bristol Psych Fest’s opening event in July – they immediately caught the attention of revered Stolen Body Records, with a deal soon struck.
The first fruit to bear from this relationship, the Beach Burrito EP, is a laser-targeted detonation of garage-psych, capable of putting most of their grizzled garage-psych elders to shame. Breezy jangle-pop gives way to ruthless fuzz breakdowns, and all of it rips hard enough to satisfy even the most discerning of the genre’s broad church.
The quartet, whose expansive appreciation for psych far exceeds most, recognise the importance of songs above all else. Frontman Dan Dale – a songwriter first and foremost – is incredibly skilled at tapping the well of the Lizard King, as well as influences ranging from John Martyn to The Byrds. The menacing and spacious ‘Amber’ and the Segall-infused stomper ‘Skyline’ conclusively prove that the Bristolian upstarts aren’t at all concerned with having big shoes to fill.

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Tongue twisting, teeth shattering, seizure inducing psych punk, noise pop stabs all the way from Europe’s California – Portugal. Since 2014, Sunflowers have been a heat wave in the cold, static times we live in. With the perfect amounts of confused riffs, slurred lines and feedback insanity, the Portuguese
In 2017, they began their international career. They played in the Inner City Psych Fest in South Africa in April and in May they had their first taste of touring Europe, with 15 concerts over 3 weeks in Spain and France to promote their debut album The Intergalactic Guide To Find The Red Cowboy.
In 2018, the band returns with CASTLE SPELL, their sophomore LP baring their characteristic meltdown of Larsen-effect-drenched riffs and acid bleached vocals into your stereo.
One can say the band is young and restless, but they bring a well thought mutated slab of paranoia filled heavy shredders, while the hazed sunset fades away in the rearview mirror, darkening the desert and filling the air with some energized psych punk auras.
“CASTLE SPELL” is a 10-story palace, each of them with its own atmosphere, its gloomy and murderous tenants, all narrated by Carol’s docile voice and Carlos’s intrusive howls.
There’s more control and there’s more chaos, more insanity and mind-wandering trips, there’s more depth in its composition.

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The once bedroom solo project of the prolific Nick Wheeldon, leader of Os Noctàmbulos, returns with a now five piece psychedelic folk group accompanied by friends; Loik Maille of Jaromil Sabor on guitar, Fabien Gilles from Mille Colombes on drums and Martin Meilhan-Bordes & Sam Roux from the talented Bootchy Temple on bass and keys respectively.

Carrying the songwriting torch of Gene Clark, the first album of the Byrds or Buffalo Springfield, The Dreamers is an album five years in the making, a case of third time lucky after the first two recording sessions were deemed not up to scratch.

Much has changed since 2012’s ‘On Trial’. Gone is the mélange of The Seeds and Dylan’s thin wild mercury sound, as well as the tales of loss and anger. For the most part this is an album of light and hope, whereas the premier album hinted at a more country influenced psychedelia The Dreamers is swimming in that Cosmic American Music of the late 1960’s.

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Daring pilot, intrepid explorer, seminal crab anthropologist and musician. Let Stolen Body Records introduce you to intergalactic swooner Dubi Dolczek and his second album ‘Dubi In Space Part 1: The Emerald Gauntlet. After his first album ˜Dubi Dolczek & the Haunted Lagoon, Dubi begins work on his memoirs, opening with his spacetravels as a teenage greaseball.
<strong>Limited Edition Toxic Yellow with Agent Orange, Purple Rain and Blue Suede Shoes Splatter Vinyl 100 made
Limited Edition Clockwork Organe Edition Vinyl 150 made</strong>
All vinyl copies come with a book with artwork for each track specifically designed by Dubi himself to conjure up pictures of deep space exploration, martinis in far away bars and grey haired babies.
‘Dubi In Space pt.1 the Emerald Gauntlet’ details the intrigues of mad robot kings, luscious Saturnian warrior women and a planet of eternally grey haired babies debauchery leads to brain wipes, heartbreak and back again and to the ultimate journey a journey to the planet within; Jayanubu.
Only Human is the first track on the album, a woozily triumphant anthem. Both an appeal for clemency and a meditation on Identity through time when aligned through a refracted lens.
Laser Dojo is the first recording we made when we set off to make a space album. The blend of 50’s doowop and tropical sci fi is intimate yet expansive, the vocal harmonies being a key feature.
In live performance Dubi Dolczek croons gently and mellifluously, adjusting with poise to a lusty cry when roused. The band can gloop as well as they bristle, ably evoking the various moods of space.

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Following the release of his 2016 debut album, Caulkhead, Edward Penfold returns this winter with Denny Isle Drive. So far this year Penfold has released Flute of the Noodle Bender with Taos Humm, a three piece sitting somewhere between art rock, garage, psych and kraut. He’s spent the rest of the year recording his second album, Denny Isle Drive. A long list of collaborators were called upon to help record the album. This included members of the Bloom collective as well as the loosely coined Belvoir House Band. The album was recorded by Dom Mitchison (Malthouse Studios) who Co-produced it with Penfold.

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ara Clerkin’s music combines elements of psychedelia, country and folk songwriting with a lo-fi palette of found sounds and field recordings.
Her debut album ‘Hello’ is available on CD, download (Stolen Body) and in clay head format (Howling Owl).
Recorded with her partner (Sunny from Taos Humm) in one week, with collaborations from various friends and musicians including members of Taos Humm, Edward Penfold and the collective Belvoir House Band.
Her live shows vary from six piece psychedelic band to stripped down soundscape and solo ballads.

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