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Moon Gogo • Interview

Écrit par sur 11 juillet 2018

Moon Gogo came into the euradio studios for an interview with our hosts Owen and Ellen. They talked about the formation of this unlikely duo: 90s rock musician from Little Rabbits Federico Pellegrini and Korean-born musician E’Joung-Ju. They spoke to us about what makes this collaboration special, with the mix of the traditional Korean komungo and the electronic. Joung-Ju explained to us (in French) about her musical background with the this instrument and the path that lead her to Nantes and to Moon Gogo.
The duo are playing at La Tour Part en Live in Oudon on Saturday 25th August. You can also listen to our live sessions with two other artists playing at the festival: The Patriotic Sunday and The Blind Suns, as well as an interview with the festival organisers.

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