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The Patriotic Sunday • Interview

Écrit par sur 11 juillet 2018

Eric Pasquerade aka The Patriotic Sunday came into the euradio studios to play us a few new tracks (two of them debuts!) and talk to us about his various musical undertakings. He talked about his storytelling style of writing solo music, and where he gets his inspiration. He released a Bob Dylan cover album at the end of last year and told us about Dylan as one of his musical icons. Papier Tigre, another band in which he plays, have also been touring, both as their own band and with three other bands as part of a quadriphonic show “La Colonie de Vacances“- that’s four bands, four stages, all at once! With all the different musical projects going on, he let us know how he finds balance. In the end, he enjoys the opportunity for musical variety…
Eric is also excited to be playing near Nantes in a few weeks time: he’s doing a solo set on 25th August in Oudon for the festival La Tour Part en Live.

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