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La Route du Rock • Interview with Alban Coutoux

Écrit par sur 20 juillet 2018

The 28th summer edition of La Route du Rock will take place from 16th to 19th August in St. Malo, uniting France’s lovers of rock, and quality artists from all around the world. Ellen spoke to the artistic director of La Route du Rock, Alban Coutoux, about this coming edition and what we can expect. Having last spoke just before the winter edition back in February, Alban caught us up on how organisation has been going since the triumphant 13th winter edition. Telling us about the organisation for the summer edition, he explains the balance they look for between emerging and established artists to keep the festival line-up fresh. Particularly excited to be welcoming the “Godmother of punk”, Patti Smith, he also talks to us about the French superstars being presented this year – among much more.

Listen back to our interview with Alban for the winter edition, and find interviews with plenty of artists who performed. 
For the full line-up of La Route du Rock:

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