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3 Concerts in 3 Days

Écrit par sur 27 août 2018

As summer is coming to an end, so too are the huge amount of festivals and music events that have been coming to France and Europe. These last few weeks are expected to be some of the best for the music scene, and so, to celebrate this, I gave myself the interesting challenge: go to an event each day that relates back to the music and culture that we hold dear at EURadio. 


So, Jonathan Bree… Last Thursday, on the 23rd of August, the New Zealand artist played at Le Pannonica in Nantes as part of the tour celebrating his new solo album Sleepwalking. Introducing the concert was the French Dark-Pop band Trainfantome, who played extracts of their upcoming new album “Mature immature” as well as some of their old songs. The audience was lucky to enjoy the final songs played with the violinist Jeanne Lugue from the group “Chien fantôme” before they gave the stage away to Jonathan Bree.

Jonathan Bree’s concert was hypnotising. A running theme for the new album, he and his bandmates performed completely masked. The background was framed by monochrome videos of dancing masked people and the dancers on stage copied their movements for the audience. Chronologically, he went through each song from his album, using one of the dancers to act out those done in collaboration with female artists. Everyone crowded to the stage, and just watched the surreal but charming performance unfold. Definitely not one to forget. If you want to hear more on Jonathan Bree, follow this link to an interview done by the former English presenter Owen on his new album:







Second, we have the Paris Summer Jam, which took place at La Défense Arena over in Paris on the 24th of August. Presented by Live Nation, the line-up was impressive on its own with: the French hip hop band from Marseille IAM, the American boy band Brockhampton, the American hip hop and rock band N.E.R.D with Pharrell Williams, and finally finishing the internationally renowned rapper Kendrick Lamar. The concert was massive in both size and talent – the audience could never get bored. There was constantly hip hop music playing in the background, loads of food and drink venues, as well as FIFA games happening on the ground floor. On stage, the artists used both backing dancers as well as audiovisual spectacles (picture fireworks, mad lights and blackouts) to give an absolutely EXPLOSIVE performance.


And, finally, returning back to Nantes, there was the Transfert festival, which was celebrating the Grand Bazar this Sunday (26th of August). Taking place at the old abattoirs over in Rezé, the event had the feel of a desert wasteland where anything goes. The land was decorated with random and quirky objects, such as a bus filled with art exhibitions or even an old warehouse building painted to look like a pelican. Not only was there a range of shops and artists there, but there was also DJ performances happening from 2pm, up on the abandoned boat. One of those DJs was Blacksad aka BS, a rapper from Nantes who is preparing for the release of his new upcoming album (not to mention his first album) “Les 30 Glorieuses”. The music filled the whole area and kept your attention even while shopping. We spoke to Blacksad about why Transfert was important for him, which you can listen to here:  



At Transfert, we also spoke to the vendors and the artists there about why Transfert was important for them, which you can look at here:

To find out more about Transfert, follow this link here to listen to an old interview we did with the production team:

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