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Écrit par sur 3 septembre 2018

L’album européen de la semaine, c’est “INVITATION TO HER’S” de HER’S (ANGLETERRE / NORVEGE). Gagnez cet album en écrivant à musique(at)


Interview with Audun and Stephen from HER’S :


Harold and Maude. Sid and Nancy. Bonnie and Clyde. The problem with most dynamic duos is they’re doomed from the start. But where romance fades, unadulterated affection remains and like a pair of matching monogrammed bathrobes hanging side-by-side, it’s rare to find a partnership so loveably kitsch and destined to belong together as Her’s.

In fact, you’d be pushed to find spirits more kindred than Norway’s Audun Laading and Barrow-born Stephen Fitzpatrick – the perfect pairing since Stephen, frantic about potentially missing his next lecture, found comfort in the towering stature of stranger Audun in their university canteen. “Everything has felt natural for us and we’ve just been rolling with the punches, doing more and more gigs,” tells Audun of life after meeting his best bud. “Our band works because it was born out of friendship, friendship didn’t come from the band.”

With timetables synchronised and stress levels dialled down, the loveable rogues have birthed a catalogue of tunes causing an epidemic case of the jives. Based in Liverpool, their hooky sounds have infiltrated the sea-air whilst the light-hearted lilt of 90s rom-com classics, which the pair sight as a major influence (few could pull off such a remarkably sweet and exotic rendition as their cover of Minnie Riperton’s ‘Loving You’), The Her’s Show is getting ready for third base.

Echoing the gauzy sound of Mac DeMarco with guitars that chime like The Smiths lounging about the French Rivera, Her’s concoct sonic interpretations of the images evolving inside their heads. Stories and characters emerge revealing an off-kilter world of atmospheric slacker pop, instilled with voyeuristic humour. On their forthcoming album, a sensitive biker wrestles with expectations of masculinity. Elsewhere questions of insanity vs. reality emerge through a film-noir style 50s aesthetic like James Stewart in Harvey or Rod Serling’s melodramatic cautionary tales in The Twilight Zone.

“We’ve watched The Twilight Zone together a lot… it’s simple, every episode is different, surreal, cleverly written and unexpected,” tells Audun, relaying the pair’s penchant for strong narratives. “The one where a character keeps having dreams on a train, ‘A Stop at Willoughby’ has definitely left an impression on us and our music.”

Morally strong and tasteful in style, just as their favourite show takes hold of its viewers, Her’s channel the surreal and the sublime through a twist of technicolour tropicalia. Shot through a John Hughes filter they address simpler times like when people used their phones to make calls; newest song ‘Love on the Line (Call Now),’ could be about the sweetness of teenage innocence or a caller whose fallen in love on a sex chatline.

Last year’s 9-track release Songs of Her’s, complete with the faded glamour of Audun’s artwork plus fan favourites ‘Speed Racer’ (with its Twin Peaks diner style video) and the bossa nova sway of Darwin Deez-esque ‘Cool With You’ saw Radio 1, 6 Music, DIY, The Guardian, Stereogum and an array of Hype Machine tastemakers all climb aboard the good ship Her’s. In just 12 months, the band have performed around the world – their live mascot, a picture of Pierce Brosnan’s face, in tow – making audiences hip-shake all the way from Green Man and The Great Escape to international showcases at SXSW and in Thailand.

With most time spent in Travelodges, there have even been one or two unexpected soap-opera encounters of their own. “Once, around 3am, we had to run away from this scary pirate man chasing us down the street!” remembers Stephen. “We managed to get to our hotel but when he caught up with us we thought “this is the end,” whilst imagining CCTV footage of us repeatedly pressing the elevator button before lying dead on the floor. Wherever we go, we always attract surreal characters.”

Safely returned, Her’s have laid the tracks down to their debut album in the home studio of Saam Jafarzadeh. “He has this semi-nice cat and a decent couch but most of all the energy is so important there, it takes the pressure off,” Audun explains. “You need good vibes between everybody, to be able to talk about these things you’re so heavily invested in. When we met Saam, it became apparent very quickly we’d found the newest member of the Her’s family.”

 Joining their extended family are fellow music makers Trudy and The Romance, The Orielles, Pizzagirl and good-time pal Charlie aka the inimitable, Jimmy Lazers. If Her’s can’t be found hopping on their bikes to deliver burgers or jamming at home in the company of each other, they’ll be brew-sipping at their pals’ or enjoying a Her’s family meal, fuelling their melodic ambitions with inappropriately-sized portions of noodles at local delicacy Big Bowl.

Forget tragic love stories; like only the greatest romantic comedies, it appears Her’s are destined to live happily ever after.

Lisa Durrant / Just The Type

L’année dernière, je n’avais pas eu l’occasion de mettre en lumière le duo Her’s avec leur compilation que j’avais découvert intitulé Songs of Her’s. Faute avouée à moitié pardonnée, n’est-ce pas ? Le duo qui est originaire de Liverpool et qui est composé de Stephen Fitzpatrick et d’Audun Laading semble avoir plongé dans les disques de Mac Demarco et autres disques de surf-pop car cela se ressent fortement sur leur premier album officiel nommé Invitation To Her’s.

Révélés par leur single « Dorothy », Her’s continue donc sur sa lancée avec des titres acidulés et doucement nostalgiques comme « Harvey » qui ouvre le bal de façon funky mais également « If You Know What’s Right », « Low Beam » et « Breathing Easy » entre autres. Le duo de Liverpool réussit à incorporer d’autres influences musicales à travers leur surf-pop jangly innocente comme les rythmes bossa nova de « Carry The Doubt » sans que cela devienne incongru et ils réussissent plutôt dans cette manière.

Les riffs mélodiques ainsi que la voix en falsetto de Stephen Fitzpatrick n’en finissent pas de faire des malheurs notamment avec « Blue Lips », « Love On The Line (Call Now) » et autres « Don’t Think It Was Over » qui sont soutenus par des synthés groovy et éthérés. Il ne manque plus qu’un final définitivement harmonieux du nom de « Under Wraps » pour s’apercevoir que Her’s a fait une entrée plutôt remarquable sur la scène dream-pop/surf-pop actuelle et leur premier album protéiforme.




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