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Album of the Week • Interview with Mike Lindsay

Écrit par sur 11 septembre 2018


Songs You Make at Night by Tunng is Euradio’s Album of the Week for this week. Lauren, the presenter for the Breakfast and Afternoon Shows, had the opportunity to speak with band member Mike Lindsay in an interview where they dove deeper into the band and the album. Mike spoke about how Tunng came together all those years ago, and reflected on the “folktronica” mix and how it’s represented in their newest piece. He then talked to us about how this album has seen the exciting reunion of all the original band members, the influences that have driven their work, as well as some more unique qualities of the group (like using sea shells as an instrument in their music!). Near the end of the interview, Mike went on to speak a little about plans for the future and hint that this may not be the last album that they all do together…


Mike also shared with us a story for the segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:


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