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CROSSROADS FESTIVAL 2018 ° Interview with Bison Bisou

Écrit par sur 18 septembre 2018


For Euradio’s live show in Roubaix for the Crossroads festival, the two English presenters Lauren and Hanna had an interview with three members of the rock band Bison Bisou. This group played on Friday 14th September for the festival and we caught up with them before their performance to find out more about their music. This group described the importance of playing in Lille, where they are from, with one of their songs even being called Roubaix! They spoke to us about their different influences and music tastes, their French tour and plans for the future. We were even given insight into the meaning behind some of their lyrics which was the perfect way to gain a better understanding of the key themes of their music.

The band also gave us a few amazing anecdotes for our segment « A gig that changed my life », which is not to be missed! You can listen here:

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