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Crossroads Festival 2018 ° Interview with Camille Bailleux from PAM!

Écrit par sur 18 septembre 2018



Live at the Crossroads Festival in Lille, Hanna and Lauren spoke with Camille Bailleux, a representative of PAM! (La Pépinière d’artiste de la Métropole Européenne de Lille). Camille started the interview by speaking about PAM! and the new project Asso Dynamo, before then continuing on to speak about Crossroads festival. As she says, Crossroads Festival isn’t simply about the concerts, but also about the professional networking, which PAM! promotes. She went on to talk a little bit about the three local artists selected by PAM! to support, providing more detail into how these artists are selected for each year’s edition. Camille finished by giving an insight into the how Crossroads will grow and what that means for the artists as well as the community.


Camille also gave us a more personal anecdote for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can listen to here:


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